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Recent News: Plastic waste from Sabarimala devotees kills wild elephant in Kerala forest
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa
Sabarimala the abode of Lord Dharma Sastha is one of the most famous pilgrim spot in south India. The Temple is situated in the tiger reserve forest in the Western Ghats of Kerala. Millions of people from all over the world visit this sacred place every year. Pilgrim follows 41 days of strict penance and austerities before going to Sabarimala. There are some other rituals to be followed by a true devotee of which most of them are unaware.
Carcass of cow with 17 kgs of plastic prompted green drive
Three incidents in the last couple of years made Sreejith E. Namboodiri, a priest in an Ayyappan temple in Chennai, take a vow that he would do something actively to free the forest in Sabarimala from plastic. In one such case at Ettumanoor, near Kottayam, when a cow died all of a sudden, a post-mortem was done on it, and the result was shocking to all animal lovers. There was 17 kgs of plastic in its stomach. "Because it happened near Kottayam, a post-mortem was conducted. I don't know how many animals in the Sabarimala forest die of consuming plastic thrown away irresponsibly by the devotees. The thought was painful."
Sabarimala picture taken in 1942
Dos & Don’ts
Raincoats sold at the base of the hill should not be left on the hill
Use butter-paper to carry essential pooja items
Food packets should not be dumped in river Pamba
Keep empty biscuit covers, chocolate covers and plastic covers with you
The temple authorities should also stop using plastic covers in ‘irumudi’
Our special thanks to Thantri Kandararu Rajeevaru for all his blessings and support towards this campaign.
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