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Lord Ayyappa is a Dhyana Swaroopan in Sabarimala. The Bhagavad Gita says meditation has to be done in clean surroundings -- sucho dese pratishtabhya. Similarly, Lord Ayyappa also sits in a place that is clean, inside the quietness of the forest. But what have his devotees done? They have turned the place unclean. So, the initiative has to be taken by each and every bhakta who goes to the hill. There is a limit to what the temple authorities or the government can do, as the numbers of pilgrims are in excess of tens of millions.
A Sabarimala pilgrim should:
Reduce the use of plastic.
Find out alternatives like biodegradable plastics or eco-friendly bags.
Do not litter the place by throwing away the plastic wastes.
Keep the empty plastic covers along with yourself.
As a true devotee Let us take an oath in the name of Lord Ayyappa that we should avoid any activity which may affect the cleanliness and sanctity of the temple premises and the surrounding forest area.
Let us conserve the Sabarimala Pookavanom and evergreen forest with its beautiful Pampa River and wildlife for our future generations.
"BEWARE AND......................................BE AWARE"
Kindly read the following and strictly comply with, the moment you plan your pilgrimage to Sabarimala from now on.........................
Be aware when you wear "Mudra Maala" for Sabarimala pilgrimage that the plastic materials ( irumudi pooja items packed in plastic bags/containers etc.) that you carry in your "Irumudi Kettu" and shoulder/side bags can kill the Divine Animals in the forest route and Hills that belongs to Lord Ayyappan.
Sabarimala animals are divine and harmless as it belongs to Sri. Ayyappan and let us not be a cause to cost animal's life by carrying plastic items with us.
Let's all be" very clear and clean" about it undoubtedly and without any exception and excuse let's save the life of Lord Ayyappan's friendly animals and they friendly to us as well.
See the plastic bag held by the innocent Elephant in its trunk, in the process of eating it...............Who is responsible for this kind of cruel and unkind Act??...............................
Undoubtedly it’s those who carry plastic materials in the "Irumudi Kettu" and shoulder/side bags and leave it on the way in the forest route or at Hill Top causing tragic death to Ayyappan's friendly animals by eating the plastic items.
Please take a vow and take a pledge that you will never carry plastic/bags/packing materials etc in your Irumudi Kettu/shoulder/side bags from now on and save the lives of precious and divine animals in the forest and hills on the way to Sabarimala.
Dangerous Trends
An elephant about to consume plastic materials This monkey is chewing on plastic material
  Animal consuming irumudi packet thrown by devotees  
  This deer was found to have 15 kgs of plastic in its stomach and that was the reason for its death  
  Pamba vilakku is the pooja performed for river Pamba. Avoid using water bottles, candles and balloons for this purpose  
  Plastic materials being burnt along with coconuts in front of template  
Irumudi packet thrown by devotees  
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